Weirdly Delicious Trending Food on Social Media

Have you ever tried a food combination that’s totally weird but you were surprised they actually go together? You might have seen them on Facebook and other social media platforms. But for non-conventional foodies, they keep inventing and discovering food combinations you’ve never even knew would taste really good.

Spaghetti + Creamer
Take for example, McDonald’s Spaghetti mixed with two to three sachets of Mc Cafe’s Creamer. Have you ever tried mixing them together? Of course, you might reject the idea just trying to imagine how it actually tastes like. But before you even say, Ëeewww!!!,”why don’t you try it first and see for yourself. The said combination actually tastes ‘weirdly delicious.’ Mixing the creamer sachets into the spaghetti gives off a sweet creamy contrast to the sweet and sourness of the pasta. Think carbonara with a red creamy sauce that kids will all love. That’s how it tastes like.

Jollibee’s Strawberry Fries (Strawberry + Fries)
strawberry fries

So okay, maybe this was something that Jollibee only had for a limited time. But for strawberry lovers, this was a dream come true. Yes, imagine the sweet and tangy flavors of strawberry bursting into each potato fries? Certainly, it was heaven! Another weirdly delicious food combination.

Unlimited Yakult (Yakult + Oishi Lemon Squeeze Drink)

As kids, we remember our moms making us take our favorite probiotic drink, Yakult (Yes, the popular Ökay ka ba tiyan? drink) each and everyday. But we always wonder, was it really always that small? One trending foodiecame up with an idea dubbed as Ünlimited Yakult of pouring a bottle of Yakult into Oishi’s Lemon Squeeze drink. The idea is for you to be able to come up with a 500ml bottle of Yakult taste rather than its 65ml mini regular bottle. Now you know why it’s called as Unli-Yakult. As they say in the vernacular, “Sino ba naman ang hindi mabibitin sa liit ng Yakult?”Now, it’s no longer a problem with this simple and easy to do recipe to achieve that 500ml bottle Yakult flavored drink.

Cauliflower + Popcorn

Think hot sauce and cauliflower don’t go well together? Think again! Try slathering your favorite veggie with some buffalo sauce. You’d be surprised just how tasty it can be. Try it for a change. It looks like popcorn by the way, hence, the name, cauliflower popcorn.

Ramen + Cheese

Instant ramen and cheese. It doesn’t get much easier or more delicious than this update to the old elbow macaroni and highlighter-orange, powdered cheese combo. Real gooey-cheese on top of piping hot spicy ramen noodles! Hmmm…we could go all day salivating just by thinking about this unique umami taste.

Sesame seeds + Chocolate

Sesame seeds bring a more complex, savory flavor than peanut butter does, especially if lightly toasted beforehand. Combined with chocolate, the familiar nutty flavor is present, but with a little extra oomph. A good way to try out this combo is to whip up a batch of these sesame seed choco bliss balls.

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