Tasty Guacamole Recipes



Yeah, yeah—we've heard the hype. Ours is better and faster—we promise. I LOVE guacamole. But even though it's become the party dip of choice at my house (and at a lot of yours, too, I suspect), we often give in to convenience and just buy a pre-made package from the grocery store, rather than whipping up a batch ourselves (I've been guilty of it, too, I admit). But the truth is, this traditional Mexican dip is insanely easy to make, and there's absolutely no reason to shell out more cash for the store-bought version. So here, I lay out the 6 essential steps to making the perfect guac—throw this together for your own Cinco de Mayo party this year and just try to tell me it's not better than the packaged stuff. One very crucial tip: Make sure you squeeze in the lime juice immediately after cutting and mashing up the avocado. The acid in the lime juice will help keep the avocado from browning, so you'll end up with a beautiful, bright green bowl of guacamole to put out, instead of a container of blah-looking, brownish mush (even if it still tastes delicious, nobody really wants to eat that).

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